Mais QUI veut des Anglais dans l’Europe?

There you go, they can laugh at us and never feared that some chav would storm the office and gun them down – and then have people like Joe Sacco, Salon Magazine and the Pope implicitly blame the victims. Get my meaning? But perhaps the analogy is not apt? France’s historical record of anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia is not the same as its historical disdain of the English. So, if you want a more apposite analogy, perhaps google ‘Charlie Hebdo Shoah Hebdo, for is  lampooning of the links between the commemoration of the holocaust and rationalisation for the victimisation of the Palestinians. This, the magazine did, in spite of the country’s shameful record of Vichy and historical anti-semitism. The magazine feared offending no one.


Toujours une longueur d’avance, Charlie ne donne pas dans la germanophobie, mais passe directement à l’anglophobie!

Dans ce numéro: une interview exclusive de Philippe Poutout, candidat du NPA: “Il n’y a pas de sauveur”. Il revient sur les conditions de sa désignation à la candidature présidentielle, acte ses différences avec Mélenchon, et analyse le “mépris social” donc il est victime dans les médias.
A l’hôpital psy de Ville-Evrard, la quasi totalité des chefs de pôle démissionnent: rencontre.
Charlie était aussi à la première de Golgota Picnic, au Théâtre du Rond-Point: reportage en textes et en dessins.
Enfin, Laurent Léger a suivi à la trace Bernard Tapie, qui disait vouloir se retirer des affaires et s’apprête à investir… à Madagascar.

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‘Truth to tell: populism and the immigration debate’, LSE Politics and Policy, 1 March 2017.

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We are living in a world where it’s no longer ‘the economy, stupid’. That’s not to say real wages, the cost of living, and tax-and-spend don’t matter to people anymore. Clearly, they still do. But they no longer trump nearly everything else when voters make up their minds. Politics has always been multidimensional, of course. It’s that analysts of voting behaviour and public opinion used to be able to conveniently collapse most of these dimensions into the left-right spectrum. Nowadays, that’s becoming harder and harder to do.

In the United Kingdom, as in many European countries, that familiar horizontal axis is now being intersected by another, vertical one. Call it what you will – GAL-TAN (Green, Alternative, Libertarian – Tradition, Authoritarian, Nationalist), demarcation-integration, communitarian-cosmopolitan or simply open-closed – this dimension suddenly seems to matter much more than it used to. Certainly, it helps explain why 52 per cent of those…

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